Why move to Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps is a term that is most discussed these days amongst the developers. So, you may have also come across this term, unless you stay in a cave and are cut off from the world. Let’s know more about it. What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)? Progressive Web Apps(PWA) uses the modern web … Continue reading “Why move to Progressive Web Apps?”

How progressive web app can lower the development cost?

Progressive Web App or Native App which one is better in terms of performance and development cost? Progressive Apps no doubt wins the race why? let me explain it to you in this post. On one hand, we have native apps that are no doubt very fast and efficient in some cases. On the other … Continue reading “How progressive web app can lower the development cost?”

Proxy, The new Javascript ES6 feature

You may have heard about or come across a new term called Proxies. So, what do you mean by Proxy, what is JavaScript Proxies, how are they more helpful and how you can implement them using ES6? Too many questions. Phewww…  Let’s find out more about them. What is a Proxy? Dictionary Meaning: the authority to … Continue reading “Proxy, The new Javascript ES6 feature”

Laravel Routes: Improvised Routing Tips

Routing is one of the core concepts in Laravel, and it works a little differently than some of the frameworks of the past. The Laravel Route system is very flexible. So, let’s dig into Laravel Routes! What Is a Route in Laravel? Route is a way of creating a request URL of your application. The best thing … Continue reading “Laravel Routes: Improvised Routing Tips”

Material Design

What is Material Design? Material Design is a design language developed by Google in 2014. It brings a cleaner design and consistent look to mobile apps and Web pages across different platforms, using bold and colorful graphics. It is a combination of the classic principles of good design with the addition and possibility of technology … Continue reading “Material Design”

Role of Project Manager in increasing the team morale and improve the productivity of a team

Morale can be defined as the overall feeling or state of mind. It has a major impact on team members motivation and overall team productivity. Mae West once said, “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” As a project manager its hard to find a set of predefined methods or framework to improve … Continue reading “Role of Project Manager in increasing the team morale and improve the productivity of a team”

Clean code practices

 First of all, what does clean coding mean? Clean code is code that is easy to understand and easy to change. OK, that sounds nice, but what does it mean? Easy to understand means the code is easy to read. Why should you care about clean code? You should care because the code is (almost) … Continue reading “Clean code practices”

Tips and Tricks of New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Here, In this article we are going to dive into the new Gutenberg WordPress editor and also explore it’s uses and features. The current editor of WordPress hasn’t had many changes over the years. while isn’t a bad thing, many think it is time for a change. Other platforms provides a really unique and refreshing experience of … Continue reading “Tips and Tricks of New Gutenberg WordPress Editor”

NodeJS v10

NodeJS v10.0.0 release, code-named Dubnium, recently came out. Every April Node comes out with a new even-numbered LTS(Long-term support version). What is an LTS version? It means that this version will be supported and maintained by NodeJS for at least 18 months. Thus, it is the kind of version that you should use for production. The … Continue reading “NodeJS v10”

Eloquent Relationships in Laravel

Laravel Laravel is free, open source and most popular framework of PHP. It is based on Symfony and follows model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.Taylor Otwell created Laravel in June 2011. Furthermore, Laravel provides powerful tools for large and robust applications. Eloquent Laravel has an object-relational mapper (ORM) named “Eloquent” which allows you to work with your database. Eloquent … Continue reading “Eloquent Relationships in Laravel”