There are no limits for creativity

ReactPWA is configurable to the core. You can add plugins as you like to extend the features or you can use a bare minimum to start from scratch.


Already packed with the latest babel to achieve great performance and lower bundle size. Read more


Optimized chunk splitting and is 98% more faster! Thus creating small chunks and only loading the required chunk (code splitting). Read more

Skeleton loaders

All the goodness of skeleton loading with very simple route configuration. Supports pre-loading of data for the route as well.

Non Conflicting CSS

Create hashed css classes such as _ax1c2d for your css modules loaded for the specific component, thus no-conflict for using same class names


Integrating redux made simple with @pawjs/redux. Preconfigured SSR with redux at your finger tips with minimum configuration Read more


Fan of SASS and PostCSS/CSSNext? well @pawjs/sass can help you add sass support very easily to your project. Read more


Oh yes it is very simple to deploy and we already have tutorials for Heroku, Amazon EC2 & Digital Ocean Read more

Zero Configuration

You can also start minimal with react-pwa. You just need one file: `src/routes.js` and nothing more.